Your chance to vote for change - a message from Edward Morello!

Today is a chance to vote for change.

Today is a chance to vote for change.

West Dorset and the Country are at an historic moment. At this critical moment in our Country's history we will have an opportunity to decide our fate.

Today, West Dorset will have a choice; between a disastrous Brexit, a climate catastrophe, chlorinated chicken, and a privatised NHS. Or a better, brighter future with a Liberal Democrat MP.  

The choice is between Boris Johnson, and me. Between more of the same, or something better. 

If you believe our Country is stronger in Europe, if you believe we deserve properly funded local services, if you believe the NHS is a national treasure that needs protecting; please vote Liberal Democrat. 

As your MP I promise to be a champion for West Dorset, to be a hard working constituency MP, to prevent a Brexit disaster, and to bring back local services.

Now is our chance for real change in West Dorset. Vote Liberal Democrat. Vote for a brighter future.


Edward Morello

Parliamentary Candidate for West Dorset

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