Tiverton and Honiton By-election


Your help is urgently needed in Tiverton and Honiton for the by-election on the 23rd June.

We have selected a fantastic local candidate Richard Foord and the office has been set up in Honiton High Street.

We need to send a message to Mr Johnson and his dreadful Government that the voters have had enough of "one rule for us and one rule for everybody else".  Only yesterday there was evidence of their incompetence in the withdrawal from Afghanistan as well as the problems in Northern Ireland as a result of Brexit.  There is evidence that the Farming communities are feeling let down by Tories as the Brexit deal they were promised has not materialised. 

Our neighbours in Devon are asking for help and support for their fight to elect a Lib Dem MP in just 3 weeks. In the 2019 election, the Tories had a huge majority and for us to achieve another by-election victory, members and supporters from the whole of Dorset are needed to help as soon as possible.

How can you help?

  • You can help by going to Honiton to help with delivery and knocking on doors
  • You can help by phoning members and voters from home
  • You can help by going to Honiton to work in the office, helping with administration, data input and preparation of material to be delivered

For more information and to volunteer 

please click here

The most urgent need is for people on the ground, delivering and talking to voters. We all want to wake up on the morning of 24th June to the news that there has been another brilliant Lib Dem by-election win.  For that to happen we all need to prioritise this campaign for the next 3 weeks and to HELP.

By-elections are fun - you will meet people from all over the country and be part of a massive group experience.

Lets go campaigning



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