Under Lib Dem plans Tax Dodging to pay for an increased tax-fre allowance

Every penny raised from cracking down on wealthy tax dodgers will fund tax cuts for middle and low earners under Liberal Democrat plans.

Lib Dems in government have said to fund increases to the Personal Allowance to £12,500 with money raised from evasion and avoidance after the job of deficit reduction is complete by 2017/18.



"This is fantastic." says Ros our parliamentary candidate, "Tax dodging is completely abhorrent  - it is utterly inexcusable that people don't pay their fair share - and our plan, once the deficit is reduced, to use money from the very richest to help people on low and middle income is exactly the kind of policy I want to see." 

Ros also went on to say "As wages are lower in rural areas, people in West Dorset will benefit from this increased Personal Allowance  - just as they have in the past 5 years."

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