Steve Trevethan
Marshwood Vale

Steve Trevethan

“Find Out and Speak Up!” is the label of the open non-party political NHS meeting that I organised in Lyme Regis so we can better deal with health service changes which are being spun and forced upon us.  “Find Out and Speak Up!” is my politics.

There are difficulties and changes are needed.  First they must be faced and understood in clear accurate words.  Then we do something!  Bailing out the banks would have paid for the NHS for eight years.  Austerity, nationally and locally, needs checking.  We suffer health and public transport cuts and yet are paying £1.5 million to refurbish County Hall!

I am an old ex-language and special needs teacher who came to Lyme Regis, and the tourist business, from Cornwall via Berkshire and the Midlands.  You want an enquiring sharp voice at County Hall?  Vote for me.

Address:  9 St George’s Hill, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3NT
E-mail[email protected]

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