Families buying homes in West Dorset will pay on average £4,633 less in Stamp Duty

Home buyers in West Dorset will pay £4,633 less in Stamp Duty under new Coalition reforms, research by the Liberal Democrats has shown.The new system - announced at the Autumn Statement - is based on a long-standing Liberal Democrat policy and will significantly reduce the cost of moving house. People buying homes worth less than £935,000 will now pay less Stamp Duty than they did before, while those buying the most expensive properties will pay more.


Dibden View – a scheme of 57 affordable homes which Ros was closely involved in designing and developing

For the average buyer in West Dorset the tax will fall from £8,051 to £3,418.

It means families buying a home costing [mean house price number], the local average, will save £4,633.

Ros says:“Stamp Duty has often been a prohibitive extra cost which has discouraged many people from buying a house they can call their own.This reform will help first-time buyers and those young families who desperately want to get their feet on the first rung of the property ladder. It’s fair, it’s sensible, and it has been a long-standing Liberal Democrat policy - one we have now delivered in Government."

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