Extending Right to Buy: a folly of gargantuan proportions.

"Plans to day announced in the Conservative manifesto to extend the Right to Buy to housing association properties are nothing short of madness and will bring the housing crisis in West Dorset to breaking point. This extension of Right to Buy is nothing short of madness. It's what created the housing bubble in the first place" says Ros Kayes our Parliamentary Candidate.


It does nothing to tackle the country’s affordable housing needs and will only benefit the lucky few and Independent estimates suggest this could cost at least £5.8 billion, nowhere near covered by forcing Councils to sell of yet more housing stock, as the Conservatives suggest.

That means it will have to be paid for by even more cuts hitting the most vulnerable in society.

Ros has gone on to say: "Here in West Dorset, many villages have nearly 50% second homes, diluting the number of first rung of the ladder properties available for many local families. The inflation of house prices by incomes from urban areas added in makes our average house price 12 times the average salary. Add in the fact that Magna, our main social landlord is refusing to build and you have a crisis of huge proportions.

This manifesto announcement is therefore utter, utter folly. I've worked with community land trusts locally - that's local people working together to create a housing project , and the real difficulty is trying to legally protect them against the Right to Buy, which means that people can buy their honest a discount and then sell it on the open market at a profit later. This is so very, very wrong . Right to Buy in the 1980s , coupled with councils not being allowed to use the receipts to build, is what caused the housing bubble in the first place. Anyone who could seek to extend it in this way clearly has no understanding whatsoever of the number one issue for working families here in West Dorset."

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