We need to balance out the extremes after May 7th

It is now abundantly clear that there will be no overall majority in this election: we need Liberal Democrats to balance out the two extremes - Labour or Conservative,

Ros Kayes, our candidate for the general election, says: "Neither Labour nor Conservative plans are supported by external bodies - we need Lib Dems at the cabinet table to keep things balanced."



Ros went on to say: "West Dorset's outgoing MP will tell you that the argument is about economic stability. But Investors and the markets have published a report which says that current Tory proposals for cuts would damage the recovery. It has called on the Lib Dems to ameliorate them and provide stability. This is also the case with Labour. An Institute of Fiscal Studies report describes their pledges as un-costed and likely to lead to a high borrowing requirement."

This is why it is so important to have as many Lib Dems as possible in government - to give stop either of these extremes from being put into practice.

Ros continued: "Quite apart from the intensive work that I would do as an MP to improve our local economy, continuing my work to ensure fair access to services and tackle the housing crisis here in West Dorset, it's clear that nationally, strong Lib Dems are likely to be holding the balance of power in a Tory or Labour administration. Borrow less than Labour, cut less than the Conservatives. Stabilise and ensure fairness. Electing me a your MP would benefit both West Dorset and the country."

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