Peter Allen

Peter Allen

We need someone who will represent Beaminster's interests at County level, not the County’s interests in Beaminster.  As a Foreign Office diplomat I spent over ten years promoting Britain’s interests around the world.  I can and will negotiate the best deal for Beaminster.  I will work to make our roads safer.  I will oppose cuts to local bus services, especially while county hall gets yet another refit.  I will work tirelessly to ensure that public services are given priority over vanity projects.  I walk and mountain bike in our landscape; my kids play in it.  We must protect and preserve it.  At the same time we must shape national house building targets to suit our local needs, for employment and for genuinely affordable housing.  My young family now calls Beaminster home.  I care deeply about the future of our community and have its best interests at heart.    

Address:  12 Fleet Street, Beaminster, DT8 3EF
Phone:  07495 047650
E-mail[email protected]

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