Patient care to be provided close to home!

Liberal Democrats have unveiled plans to establish a £2.5bn "Care Closer to Home" fund to help people stay healthier for longer and avoid hospital admissions.

Under our manifesto plans, we would invest £500m a year to safeguard the NHS by providing care to people in their own homes, GP surgeries, care homes and community clinics.key_elderly.jpg


Measures would allow GP surgeries to work together to provide care traditionally given in hospitals, such as X rays and other tests in their practices, so that patients do not have to travel into hospital.

There would also better health care in care homes so that older people do not need to go into hospital unnecessarily.

Ros Kayes, our parliamentary candidate, says that: "This would be particularly beneficial here in West Dorset as it can be really difficult for people to get to hospitals, so the ability to look after people in the community would improve life for older people who need care."

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