Pledge Extra Penny on Income Tax for NHS and Social Care

Andy Canning at Health CentreAndy Canning says "The Liberal Democrats are the only party with a fully costed plan to deliver £6bn more per year for the NHS and social care by putting a penny on income tax.

"We are the only party that are prepared to be honest with the public that giving the NHS and social care the funding they need will mean us all chipping in a little more."

A group of 26 leading health experts, including the former chief executive of the NHS David Nicholson, have all backed our plans on the NHS in a letter to the Observer.

To add your voice to theirs and back our plan to save the NHS and social care:

I am willing to pay an increase in the rate of Income Tax of 1p in the Pound to fund a £6 billion increase in funding for the NHS and social care.

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Will you sign?