80 000 versus 2 000 000

Ed Miliband stated on Monday that he would introduce 80 000 apprenticeships a year. This is pathetic next to the 2 million high quality, high level apprenticeships created by Vince Cable and the Lib Dems in government.

Two million is twice the amount produced by Labour when they were in power. 


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Campaign launched to help people save on their energy bills

A campaign has been launched to help people save on their energy bills by switching suppliers. Recently energy prices have gone down and it's time people took advantage of it.

Ros Kayes, our PPC says: "This is particularly relevant issue in West Dorset - fuel poverty is a lot more severe in rural areas as people need to use a lot more energy than they do in towns and yet get the same heating allowances. Showing people they can save money through switching providers is a great step but doesn't go far enough in addressing the rural imbalance."


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Conservative welfare plans: punishing the young

At a time when, although overall unemployment is going down, youth unemployment is on the rise the Conservatives want to introduce a draconian and demoralising measure for young people out of work.

According to plans announced on Monday, 18 -21 year olds out of work for 6 months would be barred from claiming benefits unless they take up work or an apprenticeships. 



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Call for Personal, Social and Health Education to be compulsory

We need compulsory Personal, Social and Health Education in all our schools.

In our manifesto plans children in state-funded schools, including free schools and academies will be taught a curriculum for life which includes age appropriate sex and relationship education.


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The Gove Files...

Lib Dem education minister David Laws of our neighbouring constituency has revealed the Conservatives wanted to cut the schools budget on entering office in 2010.

However, the proposal was categorically rejected by the Liberal Democrats, and we would do exactly the same in 2015.

David said: When we came into Coalition Government, tough decisions had to be taken because, as Liam Byrne famously told me: ‘there was no money left’. The Conservative assumption in 2010 was for a cash freeze in the schools budget - a whopping 10 per cent cut in real terms over the course of the Parliament."

Ros Kayes, our PPC, says: "This proves the real achievements of the Lib Dems in government. Protecting our education system and bringing in Pupil Premium is a real legacy."



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Local Growth Funds

As part of the Liberal Democrat plan to build a stronger economy and a fairer society, the government is investing a further £1 billion in local economies across England, by expanding the successful Growth Deals.

 An agreement has been reached with all 39 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to expand significantly the Growth Deals that were struck last July.

The funding, to be devolved from central government into the hands of local authorities, businesses, colleges and universities will help to train young people, create thousands of new jobs, build thousands of new homes and start hundreds of infrastructure projects, including transport improvements and superfast broadband networks.

Ros Kayes, our Parliamentary Candidate, says: "This is excellent for rural areas like West Dorset, too often we feel isolated from central government and the decisions they make are just plain wrong for us. I am delighted the Lib Dems are bringing this forward: this is the beginning of the end of a country where Whitehall calls the shots."



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