West Dorset - big on business!

It has been revealed today in the Daily Echo - that a record number of businesses have been set up in West Dorset last year and that, after Bournemouth and Poole, West Dorset was the area with the highest number of new businesses.key_wd.jpg

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Minimum Wage: up!!

Lib Dems announced this week that the National Minimum Wage for apprentices will increase by 20 per cent going up by 57p an hour, from £2.73 to £3.30 this October: the largest ever increase in the National Minimum Wage for apprentices.

It was also announced that the adult National Minimum Wage will increase by three per cent to a new rate of £6.70 this October: the largest real-terms increase in the National Minimum Wage since 2008 which is set to benefit more than 1.4m of Britain's lowest paid workers.


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Business Rates - Giving small businesses a chance.

On Monday Danny Alexander launched the most wide-ranging review of national business rates in a generation - paving the way for changes to how businesses across England pay the tax.


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5 Point Economic Plan

The Liberal Democrats on Monday set out plans to build a stronger economy, with a target of making the UK the largest economy in Europe by 2035.

Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat leader Nick told an event at The Crystal, in Royal Victoria Docks: “When the Liberal Democrats took the decision to step up to the plate and enter government in May 2010, Britain’s economy was on the brink. It may not feel like it now but we could have been Greece. In 2010, their deficit was 11% of GDP, ours was 10%. Britain desperately needed stability and the Liberal Democrats provided that by forming the only Government capable of delivering it: a strong, stable coalition government. Since then we have led an extraordinary success story. We now have one of the fastest growing economies in the developed world.”

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A corner turned?

The No. 99 bus could serve nearly 200 properties in Drimpton and Greenham. The bus company has always said that the corner at Crewkerne Road made this impossible. New road markings mean the bus can now take that corner safely. District Council Candidate Eddie Gerrard has started a campaign to get this bus back!


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Naming and Shaming

Failing to pay the minimum wage is illegal and unacceptable. Yesterday, the Department for Business named and shamed 70 employers who have ignored the rules.

Between them these 70 employers owed workers a total of over £157,000 in arrears and have been charged financial penalties totalling over £70,000. This brings the number of companies named and shamed to 163 in total.


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