New Dorchester Transport & Environment Plan Unveiled!

After listening to the concerns of residents across the town a new Plan has been drawn up to improve traffic flows, increase safety and make Dorchester a more attractive place to visit.

“This may have taken some time but the important thing for the future of Dorchester is that we get this right,” says Dorchester Councillor Andy Canning, who is Chairman of the DTEP Working Group. All of the proposals on this page are funded and work will start on some of them this year! The detailed drawings and plans for the first stage will be available soon.


  • Top O’ Town: Plans include building out the pedestrian islands and making the beacons more visible
  • to improve pedestrian safety.
  • South Street: Putting new paving down in the lower part of South Street and at least part of the existing
  • pedestrianised area. Cleaning and refreshing the areas that we can’t afford to replace.
  • Dealing with HGVs: Looking into banning lorries from the town centre at the busiest times of day and/or
  • restricting their loading/unloading times.
  • The Junction: Move the pedestrian crossing to the other side of the War Memorial to improve the link
  • between South Street and Brewery Square.
  • High West Street: Build out the pavement outside the Old Crown Court to move the traffic further from
  • the entrance. Close Glyde Path Road to stop it being used as a rat run. Install new
  • traffic lights to improve the flow of traffic.
  • Damers Road/Williams Avenue: Widen the junction to improve traffic flow.
  • Great Western Cross: Introduce pedestrian crossings on each side of the junction. Replace the traffic lights with more modern equipment to ensure that traffic still flows freely.

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