Minimum Wage: up!!

Lib Dems announced this week that the National Minimum Wage for apprentices will increase by 20 per cent going up by 57p an hour, from £2.73 to £3.30 this October: the largest ever increase in the National Minimum Wage for apprentices.

It was also announced that the adult National Minimum Wage will increase by three per cent to a new rate of £6.70 this October: the largest real-terms increase in the National Minimum Wage since 2008 which is set to benefit more than 1.4m of Britain's lowest paid workers.


The increase in the apprentice National Minimum Wage will halve the gap with the rate for 16 to 17 year olds, which will increase by two per cent, from £3.79 to £3.87 per hour.

There will also be a three per cent increase in the rate for 18 to 20 year olds from £5.13 to £5.30 an hour.

Ros says: "This is brilliant. Too often young people get a raw deal - but these changes will start to narrow the gap and to reward young people for their hard work."

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