Local Growth Funds

As part of the Liberal Democrat plan to build a stronger economy and a fairer society, the government is investing a further £1 billion in local economies across England, by expanding the successful Growth Deals.

 An agreement has been reached with all 39 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to expand significantly the Growth Deals that were struck last July.

The funding, to be devolved from central government into the hands of local authorities, businesses, colleges and universities will help to train young people, create thousands of new jobs, build thousands of new homes and start hundreds of infrastructure projects, including transport improvements and superfast broadband networks.

Ros Kayes, our Parliamentary Candidate, says: "This is excellent for rural areas like West Dorset, too often we feel isolated from central government and the decisions they make are just plain wrong for us. I am delighted the Lib Dems are bringing this forward: this is the beginning of the end of a country where Whitehall calls the shots."



Growth Deals are a revolution in the way our economy is run. For the first time ever, infrastructure, housing and other funding has been brought together in a single pot, and put directly into the hands of local authorities and businesses to invest with their knowledge of what is needed in their area to maximise their potential economic growth.

Growth Deals help create a stronger economy and a fairer society by boosting local economies, and providing more jobs, better transport and affordable homes.

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