Lib Dems Demand a Fairer Deal for Dorset

Dorset has one of the largest elderly populations in the country and covers a considerable geographical area.

This makes providing a full range of public services very expensive.

However, the Government gives Dorset LESS than the average rural council. This year we’re getting £21.4 million less!

This is a major part of the reason that so many local services have been cut or closed:

  • all our children’s homes have been closed
  • over 30 bus routes have been stopped
  • Youth Centres have lost all of their funding
  • libraries have faced cut after cut
  • public toilets are in a disgraceful condition

“Dorset deserves a Fairer Deal,” says District Councillor David Taylor. “Without more funding, cuts in local services can only get worse. Will we even have any public toilets in five years time?”

Conservative Councillors have failed to stand up to their Government and hardly ever challenge the poor deal Dorset is getting.

Lib Dem Councillors Demand a Fairer Deal!

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Image of Durdle Door by Saffron Blaze [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons.

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