Keep Dorset's Youth Clubs open!

Conservative controlled Dorset County Council have announced cuts of nearly 50% to Youth Services in Dorset, with spending being reduced from £2.2 million to £1 million.

Part of the savings will come from the closure of 22 council run youth clubs in the county. We believe the youth clubs provide young people with a valuable opportunity to meet new friends, encourages them to be less isolated, provides a safe environment for them to socialise and through their organised volunteering projects, strengthens their involvement with the local community. Youth clubs can also offer a valuable opportunity for youth workers to identify potential problems affecting individual young people to ensure early intervention, where necessary, before issues become unmanageable. By targeting such severe cuts on the youth services budget, the council is displaying an out-dated attitude towards young people who, because they are not represented by a powerful lobby, too often have their views ignored.

We the undersigned petition the council to

Keep our Youth Clubs open We believe our Youth Clubs are a valuable asset giving our young people an opportunity to meet new friends, take part in organised volunteering projects in a safe environment. Youth clubs can also offer a valuable opportunity for Youth Workers to do their work in an unconfrontational way and to identify potential problems among young people and deal with them promptly before they escalate.

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