Help to Rent

Liberal Dems have announced plans for a new Help to Rent scheme targeting support at young working adults who still live with their parents but want to move out and rent their own place. Under the 'Help to Rent' scheme, young working people in England will be able to borrow up to £1,500 (£2,000 in London) from the Government to go towards their tenancy deposit.


Two million young working adults just can't afford the tenancy deposit needed or the one-to-two month's rent expected in advance by some landlords unless they have financial help from their parents or friends - this just isn't feasible for the young.

Ros Kayes, our candidate, says: "This just isn't a fair position to put young people in. They need to be able to get out and live on their own. It is appalling that here in West Dorset salaries are just not in line with the cost of renting somewhere, this is forcing young people to leave their hometown to go somewhere where their salary will be bigger and will go further. I am delighted at this scheme, it is fulfilling an obligation we have towards our young people."

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