Commitment to challenge Gender Pay Gap transparency secured

In the last few days of this Parliament, Lib Dems in Government have pushed through a recommendation to force all companies to publish their Gender Pay Gap statistics.


This has been achieved by an amendment to the Small Business Bill. The Gender Pay Gap has fallen in this Parliament to below 20%.

Ros says: "This is still 20% too high. Yes we have made progress - and I'm delighted that Big Businesses are going to have to be open to scrutiny about this issue, but it is not enough. The Gender Pay Gap is not just fundamentally unfair but also economically stupid. It's a waste of talent. We need more women MPs, CEOs, doctors, engineers, judges. It  is often more difficult for any government to be able to hold the private sector up to this kind of scrutiny; which is why - especially under resistance from some members of the Conservative Party - I am so pleased this is happening before the dissolution of Parliament."

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