County Election Success

The County Council elections on Thursday confirmed that the General Election will be between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

The eleven seats in West Dorset split as follows:

Lib Dem
Labour 0
Green 0

The total number of votes cast for each party was:

19,822 44%
Lib Dem
16,799 37%
Labour 4,601 10%
Green 3,514 8%

You can read the full results on the County Council web site.

Cllr Andy Canning, Libderal Democrat Prospective MP for West Dorset said:

"I want to thank everyone in Dorchester for electing me with the largest vote for anyone in West Dorset. We also won the second seat in Dorchester and seats in Bridport, Linden Lea and Sherborne – where Jon Andrews defeated County Leader Robert Gould.

"Commiserations to Matt Hall who increased his vote by 300 since he won a by-election last year, but it wasn’t quite enough for him to get re-elected.

"The question now is: will enough Labour and Green voters lend me their vote on June 8th to enable me to win?

"Over the next few weeks I want to turn West Dorset bright orange with window and garden posters so that it is crystal clear to everyone that I am the sole challenger to the sitting M.P.  Please help me by displaying a poster. With your help I can win."


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