Conservative welfare plans: punishing the young

At a time when, although overall unemployment is going down, youth unemployment is on the rise the Conservatives want to introduce a draconian and demoralising measure for young people out of work.

According to plans announced on Monday, 18 -21 year olds out of work for 6 months would be barred from claiming benefits unless they take up work or an apprenticeships. 



Ros Kayes, our candidate in the General Election, says: "What we need to do is provide education and opportunity for these young people - not to punish them for being out of work by making them clean war memorials. We should be investing time and money in helping them out at the job centre and providing them with courses to give them skills."

Here in West Dorset we have plenty of young people who have seasonal and unpredictable work - this scheme would target them unfairly.

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