Child Care: a priority


Over the last five years, one of the Liberal Democrats biggest priorities in government has been to ensure that every child – whatever their background or circumstances - gets an equal shot at the successful future they deserve.



Ros Kayes, our PPC, says: "The front page of the Liberal Democrat manifesto commits the party to protecting education funding from cradle to college – including early years, schools and 16-19 education. This shows the commitment in the future to Child Care and education."

Building on the success of the Pupil Premium, we’ve also created our new £50 million Early Years Pupil Premium. This provides extra support to poorer children to help them catch up with their peers and achieve their full potential. As the experts, you decide how this money should be spent – with an additional £300 for 3 and 4 year olds from low-income families.  

"This Early Years Pupil Premium is an essential step towards closing the gap of disadvantage some pupils take when they begin school. I'm proud it's a Lib Dem policy."

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