5 Point Economic Plan

The Liberal Democrats on Monday set out plans to build a stronger economy, with a target of making the UK the largest economy in Europe by 2035.

Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat leader Nick told an event at The Crystal, in Royal Victoria Docks: “When the Liberal Democrats took the decision to step up to the plate and enter government in May 2010, Britain’s economy was on the brink. It may not feel like it now but we could have been Greece. In 2010, their deficit was 11% of GDP, ours was 10%. Britain desperately needed stability and the Liberal Democrats provided that by forming the only Government capable of delivering it: a strong, stable coalition government. Since then we have led an extraordinary success story. We now have one of the fastest growing economies in the developed world.”

Ros Kayes says, "The five-point plan is the only way to keep the economy on track without punishing the poor."

  • Long Termism: Lib Dems will strengthen and deepen the Industrial Strategies
  • Finance for Growth: Lib Dems will continue with the British Businesss Bank and the Green Investment Bank
  • Skills: There have been 2 million apprenticeships already created. In the next government Lib Dems want to bring it up to 4 million.
  • Innovation: The Lib Dems will continue to ring-fence the £4.6bn science budget
  • Openness: Lib Dems will hold a referendum if there are any treaty changes but campaign to stay in the EU as it is the world's largest borderless market.

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