Youth Survey

At 18 people are able to vote in UK elections. But only 42% percent of 18-24 year olds do.

Why? Because they feel politics is a waste of time, their vote won’t make a difference and politicians are corrupt and never listen to them anyway. And there are no young MPs to express their point of view. 

Please fill in this survey and let me know what you think

Every aspect of your lives is influenced by politics – from how much your car insurance costs, to whether you can afford to get a house, or even to move out of home at all, and why you will soon have to stay in full time education until you’re 19 whether you want it or not.

40 % of 18-24 year olds leave Dorset because they can’t get work or afford to live here. I think that’s a scandal.

Governments assume that young people who struggle to find a job, buy or even rent a house or get the right kind of training, don’t matter because they don’t get active in political parties or organisations that political parties listen to. I want to change that.

I have an 18-year-old daughter and a 16 year-old son. They make it quite clear that I should listen to what matters to them. I’ve also spent 18 years working in secondary and college education – if nothing else it’s taught me to respect the opinions of the students I worked with every day.

The survey here was designed by young people for young people. I’m standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate in the 2015 general election and I’d like to know what you think even if you don’t intend to vote - so please fill in this survey.

How old are you?

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  • answered 2015-09-07 10:50:55 +0100
    Q: Which Party are you most likely to vote for?
    A: Liberal Democrats
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:50:43 +0100
    Q: Should voting be lowered to 16 years?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:50:34 +0100
    Q: Should voting be made compulsory?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:50:24 +0100
    Q: Were you taught citizenship at school?
    A: Yes
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:50:12 +0100
    Q: Should genetically modified crops be banned?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:50:02 +0100
    Q: Should we invest more in renewable energy sources?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:49:49 +0100
    Q: Should we build more nuclear power stations?
    A: Yes
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:49:38 +0100
    Q: Should drivers pay less for petrol and diesel and pay more for the miles they drive on main roads?
    A: Yes
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:49:03 +0100
    Q: Should air travel be made more expensive?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:48:54 +0100
    Q: Is climate change something that worries you?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:48:44 +0100
    Q: Should the UK stay in the EU?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:48:34 +0100
    Q: Was Britain right to support the war in Iraq?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:48:22 +0100
    Q: Should we spend more on helping people in developing countries?
    A: Yes
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:48:08 +0100
    Q: Do you think violent computer games encourage violent street crime?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:47:39 +0100
    Q: Do you think that people caught carrying knives should always be sent to prison?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:47:25 +0100
    Q: Have you ever been the victim of crime?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:46:36 +0100
    Q: Do you feel safe in your neighbourhood at night?
    A: Yes
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:45:25 +0100
    Q: Did you know you only repay 9% of everything you earn annually above £21 000 of pre-tax salary once you've left university so if you earn £22 000 a year, you repay £90 and if you earn £31 000 you repay £900?
    A: Yes
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:45:13 +0100
    Q: Did you know that student loan payments don't start until you earn over £21 000 rather than £18 000 previously?
    A: Yes
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:45:01 +0100
    Q: Should education or training be compulsory until the age of 19?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:44:46 +0100
    Q: Do you think newspapers and TV present young people in an unfairly negative way?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:44:34 +0100
    Q: Should social networking sites do more to protect young people?
    A: Yes
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:43:01 +0100
    Q: Should 16-17 year olds get the same minimum wage as 18-21 year olds? (it is currently £1.20 lower)
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:42:46 +0100
    Q: Should the minimum age of driving be raised to 18 years?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:42:33 +0100
    Q: Do you think 16 and 17 year olds should be able to buy alcohol?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:42:02 +0100
    Q: Would you support the legalisation of all drugs?
    A: No
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:41:42 +0100
    Q: Are you..?
    A: At university
  • answered 2015-09-07 10:40:53 +0100
    Q: How old are you?
    A: 18